President's Thoughts

We have been amazed by the number of stories we have gotten regarding saving patients from involuntary euthanasia. We had more than we could provide at this time. I believe this is tip of the involuntary euthanasia iceberg. There probably are an enormous number of involuntary euthanasias being carried out in hospitals. Patients without families or friends who could advocate for them. Or families who realize their loved one is being euthanized what to do about it. As well as families and/or loved ones who do not even know that their loved is being euthanized.

In this release we are focusing on the very questionable diagnosis of brain death (see in this edition: Do the Brain Dead Merely Appear to be Alive?) And desire of hospitals to use these people to harvest their organs. In most cases these patients are medically alive. In most cases the patients have not given their consent to have their organs harvested. Of course taking their vital organs murders them.

In regards to 'brain death' we are providing a video of "Brain Death: Jennifer Hamann's Story" Which also can be found on YouTube. We are providing two stories of new treatments that have totally restored or partial restored functionality to these two people in profound comas. We are also providing stories of people who have totally regained full functionality without the use of new treatments.

We are starting a new section in which we will focus on MDs who publically spoken out against euthanasia.

We are also continuing to provide cases were Life Legal Foundation lawyers have rescued potential victims from involuntary euthanasia. One in the last minutes before her life support was going to be removed by hospital.