Drs Who Have Taken a Public Stand Against Euthanasia

This is the first in a series of articles written by Drs who have taken a public stand in opposition to euthanasia. We are recognizing the courage these Drs have shown in taking this public stand in opposition to many of their colleagues and medical associations.

  • We Should Value Life Until The End

    It's a well-known reality of health care economics that Americans spend a lot of money in the last year of life. I suppose that almost goes without saying, since serious illnesses and injuries that result in death are costly, at whatever age they occur. Being hit by a car and dying means you were hit by a car... in your last year of life. And that two weeks in ICU before you die is, obviously, expensive. But this truism is usually applied to Medicare dollars in the care of the elderly. This group often has protracted illnesses that require costly treatments, specialty care...
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