Our Purpose and Planned Actions

Our Purpose

Stop Hospital Euthanasia is a volunteer organization led by people who had a loved one euthanized against their loved one's expressed written or verbally stated direction. Our primary goal is to prevent the euthanasia of patients against their will or their parents' will in the case of minor children, particularly in an inpatient hospital situation.

Our Planned Actions to Realize Our Purpose

to inform patients and their agents of their rights in regards to doctors and hospitals in individual states and provinces;

to provide information regarding the importance of having a Power of Attorney for health care, or its equivalent legal document, in any state or province;

to advise people that it is crucial to appoint a legal representative who: has the authority to make medical decisions if the person is incapable of speaking or making decisions for him/herself; who agrees with his/her medical decisions; and who will, if necessary, stand up against medical authority;

to identify the legal rights of patients and their agent in regards to doctors and hospital medical decisions pertinent to various states and provinces;

to provide cases of actual hospital involuntary euthanasia (removing identifying information) for educational purposes, regarding what institutions can do and have done if the patient and his/her agent are not knowledgeable of their rights;

to provide contacts to other organizations which can provide legal support if the patient or their agent is in an irresolvable dispute with the hospital in resisting being euthanized;

to provide referrals to grief, guilt and anger counselors about a loved one who was euthanized against their will;

to raise awareness in peaceful, legal, civil actions to peacefully protest the use of involuntary euthanasia - including that requested when the no-longer-competent person was competent.

Meet Stop Hospital Euthanasia

Mike Hodas Chairman [email protected]

is a retired veteran of the U.S. Air Force. For 25 years, he headed Bank of America’s customer information data management for medium-sized commercial accounts, and retired as a Senior Vice President.

Mike is Director and co-founder of Stop Hospital Euthanasia (SHE). He became involved in the anti-euthanasia movement after Laurie, his wife of 36 years, was euthanized against her will in a San Francisco hospital. Laurie had a very fixable problem with her feeding tube - she was not dying - but the hospital used this minor medical issue as an opportunity to euthanize her.

Mike was one of the leaders organizing against the California Legislature's assisted suicide bill (SB 128). The bill was defeated in the regular session but the legislative leadership used a legislative maneuver to re-vote the bill (after purging all the Democratic members of the Health Committee who voted no) in a special session called by the Governor to deal with funding - for the state's roads!

After two years of being unable to get justice for Laurie, Mike decided to create an organization that would help others to prevent involuntary euthanasia as suffered by his beloved wife.

Kate Kelly Editor [email protected]

is a former journalist, an English teacher and College Instructor who has lived and worked in two Territories and six provinces in Canada.

Kate is the Editor and co-founder of Stop Hospital Euthanasia, where she works to expose the power exercised by medical professionals to arbitrarily end the lives of people who are not dying.

Kate is also a Board Member of Choice Is An Illusion, an organization which opposes governmental legalization of assisted suicide and euthanasia. Kate has been active against assisted suicide/euthanasia since 2009 when Kate’s mother, Irene MacDonald, following a mild stroke, was unwillingly starved and dehydrated to death at the instruction of a doctor who had never seen her before. Irene was unable to swallow, but was trying to speak and indicating she wanted water. The doctor stated “she’ll be gone in 24 hours”. Irene MacDonald finally died after six days of agony, without food or water.

Kate’s sole purpose in her fight against AS/euthanasia is to prevent others from the fate that befell her mother.